Art in the detail- Frank Lloyd Wright

Wrights childhood and life shaped and changed his architecture. Women were highly influential right throughout his life; His mother arguably the most. Right from an infant his mother Anna Lloyd Jones encouraged Wright with schooling techniques such as “Froebel”, where children are encouraged to play with geometric blocks to experiment with different shapes. This influenced him hugely in his future projects, as you can see in the Darwin D Martin house.

2011-08-10 09.04.41His Buildings Started to become more and more decorated after the tragedy of his home Taliesin. This is apparent in his first major project after the tragedy- The Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. This Building compared to his earlier work such as the Darwin D martin house is much more decorated and elaborate. After his personal heart break, all Wrights efforts and energy went in to designing his buildings. He designed every detail; form the hearth to the door handle and in this instant on the Imperial hotel the whole facade was highly intricate and detailed.

The Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Another step on from this is La Miniatura, a private house for the client Alice Milard in california. This was his next phase in architecture. Moving a step away from the arts and craft movement of his earlier career and exploring new materials such as concrete and glass. What amazes me the most is the tiles on the exterior facade of the building. Although these are mass produced the original design was carefully crafted by Wright and gives this house the uniqueness that it deserves. This house is so popular it is used in scenes in film and tv series( Star Trek- Blood oath).

La Minaiature
La Minatura

Although Frank Lloyd Wright went through many stages in his career, he always focused on every detail and making the most out of it. No detail too small. This precision and attention means that all his buildings are works of art. Not only do they forfil their function but are all about the experience of the inhabitant.


By Fran Heaver


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